Ready to 1000x Your Homecare Agency with Ai?

Explore Artivis: UK’s Pioneer Ai-driven homecare Scheduler.

Fully Automated Scheduling along with on-the-fly change management ensures a high level of service with a limited workforce or paving the pathway to exponential business growth. Now with a full suite of other solutions such as Finance and compliance modules.

Ready to 10x Your Homecare Agency with Ai?

Explore Artivis: UK’s Pioneer Ai-driven Homecare Scheduler.

Fully Automated Scheduling along with on-the-fly change management ensures a high level of service with a limited workforce or paving the pathway to exponential business growth. Now with a full suite of other solution such as Finance and Compliances module.

What Can an AI Powered Coordinator Do For You?

50% Coordinator Cost Saving

Enjoy immediate savings on coordinator salaries without increasing operating costs.

Embedded Intelligence

Intelligent support at your finger-tip for responding to emergencies and day-to-day operations

Scheduling Software

Fully automated with thousands of optimized allocations done instantly with our innovative software

Preference Driven AI

We support multiple user preferences to Improve Service User & Care Worker satisfaction, thereby ensuring business growth and workforce retention

Why Choose an AI Coordinator Over the Conventional?

Increased Productivity & Reduced Costs 

Artivis offers a one-click AI-Coordinator solution for home care agencies, eliminating the need for reliance on human coordinator expertise. This boosts operational efficiency, enhances user experience, and promotes business growth by ensuring optimal scheduling and change management at faster speeds and reduced costs.

Faster, Better, Error-free Allocations

Human capacity for multi-constraint allocations is limited, but with an Ai coordinator scale your business infinitely with the power of data and cloud computing that will work 24/7 for you. Schedule a week’s worth of allocations almost instantly and more efficiently than ever possible by your most experienced human coordinator.

Is AI Your Business's Key to Freedom?

Currently, homecare providers are suffering from over-reliance on coordinators. It is never possible for human coordinators to maximize operational efficiency due to the complex nature of the scheduling process.  As a result, they become the bottleneck for scaling your business without adversely affecting customer satisfaction and care worker experience. Moreover, your operations can be severely disrupted when senior coordinators leave.

This is where Artivis comes in,

  • Eliminates reliance on coordinator expertise.
  • AI engines guarantee 24/7 availability.
  • Completes multi-constraint scheduling in minutes.
  • Highly complements existing software & workflows.

How Will ARTIVIS Transform Your Business?

Eliminate unnecessary travel time payments

Identifies most optimal travel times for all visits without adversely affecting allocations​

Maximise care worker utilization

Ensures efficient utilization of care workers and unbiased distribution of workload ​

Schedule 1000 visits in under a minute

Guarantees error free allocations instantly (1000 bookings in under a minute)​

Instant alternative solutions for resolving emergencies

Instant access to multiple alternative solutions at your fingertips​

One-Stop Solution for Payslip & Invoice

Integrated holiday pay computations & flexible pricing plans for payslip/invoice

Centralised Alerts & Action for Service Quality Assurance

Ensures all outstanding action items for data & booking issues are never missed ​

    What Makes the Difference?

    Traditional Way without AI

    ❌ Operation disruption due to turnover
    ❌ Human error leading to less than ideal rosters
    ❌ Tardy travel times despite the use of the AI
    ❌ Oversights cause Non-CQC complaints
    ❌ Influence of Human biases & emotions
    ❌ Lack of alternative solutions

    Modern Way with ARTIVIS

    ✅ Break free from over-reliance on coordinators
    ✅ Error free meticulous automated rostering
    ✅ AI identifies most optimal travel times
    ✅ Ai is trained to CQC compliant allocations
    ✅ Unbiased & well distributed rostering
    ✅ Change best Management flows

    Why Chose ARTIVIS?

    • UK’s own homegrown solution by homecare industry experts
    • No of hiring coordinators but with significant productivity 
    • Guaranteed 24/7 uptime for round the clock operations

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