Ready to 10x Your Homecare Agency with Ai?

Join Hands With UK’s 1st Ever
AI Powered Homecare Coordinator 

What Can an AI Powered Coordinator Do For You?

50% Cost Saving

Enjoy immediate cost saving in the form of reduced coordinator expenses & software costs

Embedded Intelligence

A full time coordinator’s weekly tasks done in the matter of few clicks with no need of domain knowledge or experience

Scheduling Software

Fully automated with thousands of optimized allocations done instantly with our innovative software

Preference Driven AI

Enhance User satisfaction by accommodating their preferences coupled with Care Worker-friendly rosters and utmost flexibility

Why Choose an AI Coordinator Over the Conventional?

Increased Productivity & Decreased Costs

Most homecare agencies just buy into another software that cannot eliminate reliance on coordinator expertise. This severely limits business growth due to adverse impact on operational efficiency and user experience. But ARTIVIS let the AI coordinator take care of all your scheduling and change management tasks at lightning speed – The AI-Coordinator can guarantee optimal solutions at lightning speed and save money at the same time.

Faster, Better, Error-free Allocations

Human capacity for multi-constraint allocations is limited, but with an Ai coordinator scale your business infinitely with the power of data and cloud computing that will work 24/7 for you. Schedule a week’s worth of allocations almost instantly and more efficiently than ever possible by your most experienced human coordinator.

Does AI is Your Business’s Key to Freedom?

Inefficient coordinators hold back business growth whereas churn in your superstar coordinators could lead to your agency coming to a complete standstill. 

This is where ARTIVIS comes in,

  • Easy to use software that needs no special skills or experience 
  • Only needs data and cloud computing to operate 24/7
  • Multi-dimensional allocations for most effective scheduling. 
  • Easily integrate with your existing software and workflows

How Will ARTIVIS Transform Your Business?

Minimize Travel Time & Expenses​

Identifies most optimal travel times for all visits without adversely affecting allocation quality ​

Guarantees Efficient Utilization of Care Workers ​

Ensures efficient utilization of care workers and unbiased distribution of workload ​

Fastest Rostering Platform in the Market ​

Guarantees error free allocations instantly (1000 bookings in under a minute)​

Instant Smart Solutions for Emergency Covers ​

Instant access to multiple alternative solutions at your fingertips​

One-Stop Solution for Payslip & Invoice Generation​

Integrated holiday pay computations & flexible pricing plans for seamless payslip/invoice generation​

Centralised Alerts & Actions

Ensures all outstanding action items for data and booking issues are never missed, eliminating human errors ​ ​

    What Makes the Difference?

    Traditional Way without AI

    ✅ Operation disruption due to coordinator turnover
    ✅ Human error leading to less than ideal rosters
    ✅ Tardy travel times despite the use of the best software
    ✅ Oversights cause Non-CQC complaint allocations
    ✅ Influence of Human biases & emotions
    ✅ Lack of alternative solutions amidst an emergency

    Modern Way with ARTIVIS

    ✅Break free from over-reliance on coordinators
    ✅Error free meticulous automated rostering by AI
    ✅AI identifies most optimal travel times for all visits
    ✅Ai is trained to produce CQC compliant allocations
    ✅Unbiased & well distributed rostering for all deserving
    ✅Change Management Flows for best alternatives

    Why Chose ARTIVIS?

    • UK’s own homegrown solution by homecare industry experts
    • No of hiring coordinators but with significant productivity 
    • Guaranteed 24/7 uptime for round the clock operations

    Learn more about ARTVIS & the team behind it with a free consultation call.